my curry leaf plant not growing

I never gave much thought about curry leaf plants earlier, even though I had grown up eating foods flavoured with curry leaves pretty much everyday. I've seen it recommended to supplement with iron every other month, but my preference is to apply it as needed.What have you been fertilizing with? They are good organic option for fertilizer (actually, w/ it miracle grow will work better too). This post was edited by Fruits.Veggies on Mon, Mar 31, 14 at 13:43. if you try to grow plant from curry plant seed, it helps if you have seed first put in moist paper towel for several days before putting them in soil. I don't think I can rig overhead fluorescents (affordably) as this is a rental - so I can't really make holes in the ceiling. I have kept it indoors in my kitchen on a window sill. Does anyone have experience with these plants? But I think it depends plant to plant. The stoutest widest angled lowest branch will be your first option for a lowest permanent branch. Some of them are still pretty small - I suspect they took longer to germinate after I took the flat off the heat mat and put it under the lights. Large Round Leaf Tong Ho Sha=ungiku. While the trunk will thicken over time, it will not grow much taller to the point of this branch. Curry Leaves offer tons of health benefits and I highly recommend to eat everyday. Mehr erfahren. Repotted into a bigger pot and put it on the terrace for sunlight. It's strong lemony scent is superb!Like yourself, I find it quite amazing and frustrating that some people present themselves as experts on a given subject and then proceed to write utter rubbish, demonstrating that they know nothing at all.The Internet can be a valuable resource for researching all sorts of things, BUT, check and re-check because there are plenty of so called experts out there!Thank you for your post anyway and Happy Gardening! Am I doing something wrong? Yeah, I like that guy. Rather go back to the shop and educate them a little. Have a look at this website. Will take some pictures tomorrow and post them. I had pruned the branches over the years to get it to be more open have a nice branching structure. New curry leaf plants don’t have enough leaves to harvest and continue growing while they’re young, so wait until your plant is at least 1 year old. You'll be amazed how effective this is and you'll be able to eat outside in relative peace and quiet.) I face a similar situation with my curry leaf plant. The plant that is growing well now (during summer) didn't show any benefit. It takes time, usually a couple of years, for the young plant to establish roots and adjust to the new environment before it starts to grow in height. In your internet searches you will find many experts who do not know what they are talking about. Now they are in front of a south facing bank of windows on the seedling mat, but at present it is not keeping them at the 80F I have the thermostat set at unless I leave the dome on - it still doesn't get up to 80F but it does keep them 2 or 3 degrees warmer that way. Tip prune young plants to promote new growth. Also, I can see the tree is being over-watered and wants much more light. That is great. I tried providing it with fertilisers and nutrients but all failed. Place the curry plant in the soil. I can count 11 sprouts now from the 24 originally planted. How about heat? You might even get a few more to germinate. To cyrus_gardner"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!" Can anyone give advice on how to prune so that it will form branches with bark. But the seedling mat itself doesn't seem to be up to the task. I have 2 curry leaf plants. It’s important to have damp soil right after planting the curry. bamboos shed leaves a lot- so if you keep your hot tub covered that is fine. Have fun - I love bamboo and currently have about 300 specimens and 25 species in my garden. Radial branches will arise if you head the plant. Any ideas what else i need to do? I have some curry trees in pots. die App nutzen, stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies und von ähnlichen Verfahren der Houzz Gruppe zur Verbesserung der Produkte, Dienstleistungen, zur Darstellung von relevanten Inhalten und um das Nutzererlebnis anzupassen, zu. Spiking fried coconut shrimp (yes the frozen kind will work just fine) with plenty curry leaf crispies will make them the best shrimp you will ever eat (this is a riff on the much harder to make but crazy delicious cereal/butter prawns recipe), This post was edited by farm96744 on Thu, Mar 20, 14 at 1:43. here are the pictures of my curry leaf plants, it took a while. GROWING CURRY LEAF PLANTS – CHARACTERISTICS OF CURRY LEAVES: The curry leaf tree is small in size. The leaves are highly valued as seasoning in South Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, much like bay leaves and especially in curries with fish or coconut milk. Better than fingers or gauges/meters are wooden "tells" made from a 75 cent, 1/4 or 5/16" X 48" (long) dowel rod (any hardware or home improvement outlet). Curry leaf plants are not the easiest of plants because of course they originate in much hotter climates so they do need a little bit of extra care when growing here. I have about half of them repotted into a more conventional mix. I recently planted a curry leaf plant which I got from the local Indian grocery store. + Plants can be grown either seeds or from suckers around an adult tree. A few months ago it got scale. I'd beg to differ with Bruce's following statement: "The leaves are highly valued as seasoning in South Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, much like bay leaves...". I suspect some of the seeds were planted too deeply as well. The well known main ingredient of Indian curry, the bright yellow colour of the Turmeric tuber can be also used fresh in salads. Other methods are more consistent. We get 252 sunny days per year. Make sure there are not gaps. When the plant is young, pinch back new growth to ), which I use regularly in my Asian preparations. These plants just did not do well in a gritty type mix.I should be able to get the rest of the gritty sufferers repotted into a much more curry-leaf-friendly mix by tomorrow. You've basically got some chlorosis going on there. My friends have smaller plants and I see new plants coming next to it. I think I may have… Q. Curry Plant Not Growing - My I don't know what soils are like in Melbourne, but my experience with curry leaf plant indicates that it likes a more acid soil and it often requires iron supplementation.When the weather warms up, it might help to supplement with some epsom salts (for magnesium) and iron chelate. I usually would just pat dry the seed and plant immediately about 1/2 inch deep. They will then sell loads more Curry plants, why?, because, the Curry plant attracts butterflies and other very useful insects (including wasps) which help you get rid of the other "pest" insects. They never grew much indoors but as soon as I placed them outside they usually take off. There are no trees or building obscuring sunlight. Hi Frank,I purchased my Curry plant at a garden show, really just because of it's wonderful smell. It loses its strong flavour when cooked, so, it is best used RAW and very finely chopped, to add it's wonderful sweet curry aroma as a seasoning to salads, eggs dishes, meat dishes, yoghurt, fish dishes, or flavouring vinegar, cream cheeses, etc etc.It is also a handy plant in keeping cats and deer away (so plant it near your roses, deer hate it! I can give you ideas of what species work well - you will need to contact your local nursery to source them. May be you need to download the photos to have a closer look. Here is some information that I and some of my correspondents have collected about starting Murraya Konegii (curry leaf plant/tree) from seed. It is around 40" tall. Aim for a pH between 6.0-7.0. I live in San Bernardino, California. Native to Africa, Eurasia, Australasia, Turkey and Madagascar, the Helichrysums range from tender annuals to hardy shrubs. Zone is weird, I don't bother with it because it isn't accurate because there are a zillion microclimates in Reno. If you enjoy listening to garden show on radio, google "Bob Tanem" to listen to his past shows (mp3) or show on Saturdays. A couple mild shots of fertilizer over time. The tallest are about 3.5" tall, and I'm already getting that wonderful curry smell when I brush against the leaves. So if your tree number 3 is most like mine; your tree number 1 may in fact be the slow-growing Senkaambu Gamthi variety. I recently barked upon a project to grow South Asian Indian Curry plant. Good drainage is necessary. Nursery folks deserve appreciation, it takes lot of hard work and time to grow braided hibiscus or for that matter any braided plant. (Note If wasps disturb your summer BBQs you can keep them away from your outside dining area very simply, as follows: Take a large 1.5 litre plastic coke bottle. Enrich the soil with plenty of organic matter before planting. Seeds of India may also have some curry leaf plant, I'm not sure.I'm coming off a disastrous experiment with gritty mix which was very very bad for these citrus relatives. Once established, you can apply a liquid seaweed fertilizer every 3 weeks for leafy growth. I recently received a small plant with about 35-30 leaves from a friend...It started growing very well and then the friend recommended me to put it in a larger pot.Ever since I have re-potted the plant it has stopped growing...It is still green but just does not produce new leaves.I have it indoors close to the window with access to sunlight and I water it regularly. However I'm having to use the dome at present to help keep in the heat as the seedling mat doesn't seem to be able to keep up with things, despite being advertised to heat the soil to 20F above ambient. @Fruits: Can't wait to see your plants. Thank You. You can also grow the curry plant in a pot--use standard potting soil, make sure your container has a drainage hole, and keep it in a sunny spot. They are WAY overdue for repotting - it was clear within just a few weeks that the gritty mix was a problem, but I kept trying different things trying to make it work. I remember almost everyone in my village back in India preferring to use/plant curry leaf with red petiole inspite of having green petiole curry plant in their backyard, not sure whether it was for smell or looks, may be it is time for me to get in touch with folks back home :-). + Leave small curry plants in the same pot for about an year (or about 4-5" tall) before transplanting it into a bigger pot. Indian curry dishes get their flavor, in part, from the leaves of the curry leaf plant (Murraya koenigii). Upper leaves: The petioles are connected to the green part of the branch tips and are still viable; Lower leaves:once the green branch turns woody the attached petioles and leaflets will deteriorate. I got some seed from Hawaii this week and its already planted - hoping I didn't mess anything up. Murraya, Curry leaves, Kadi Patta, Meethi neem, Sweet neem, Curry plant. They are generally hardy. Curry leaves plant seeds should be moist or wet “A curry plant can be grown practically during any time of the year. It's about ... oh ... something around 8' to 10' wide, about 5 feet up the wall (10' ceiling), and the ledge is 18" deep. The curry leaf plant grows up to 15 feet tall and 12 feet wide under ideal conditions. I need some help with my curry leaf plant which I started growing from seeds, since I know it's slow growing plant, this summer I kept outside on my deck getting east sun exposure, it grew nicely but in October I took it indoor This will help boost the growth of the leaves and give your plant better-looking foliage. All great information... A few points. There should be no pathway by which the effluent can make it's way back into the pot. Indem Sie weiterhin auf der Website surfen bzw. This is a continuation of my Spice Series. Is the Gamthi the "best" (tree number 1 or 3; likely number 3) as it is reputed to be? Once it got 2 sets of leaves I transplanted into an 8inch or 10 inch pot and left it there for 2 or 3 years at least. I used miracle gro potting mix. I don't know much about curry leaves plant, but I have a one from last 6 years. When I was a kid in Southeast Asia, the leaf crispies definitely retained the dark green color and deep aroma. Although curry leaf (Murraya koenigii) is often known as curry plant and is frequently misidentified by unknowing garden centers or nurseries, it is actually a small tropical tree. This will force back-budding on the trunk and the branch. I probably can't poke the already sprouted ones out of the container until they've leafed out without damaging or killing the seedlings. Helichrysum is an excellent addition to any gardener's edging as well, its Asteraceae so it's an excellent addition around chamomiles, yarrows, lavenders, it's also called "Immortal"/"Immortelle " because of it's ability to retain full color of its flowers after its dried. Plant # 2 - leaves are regular green and entire petiole is green as well. Besides, water is a basic requirement on how to grow curry leaves. Here are 9 impressive benefits and uses of curry leaves. If you are lucky enough to get a tree started, and it's really not very hard from seed, you will have one of the best kept culinary miracles of the world, on the same level as basil and oregano! One other word of warning. How to Get a Curry Leaf Cutting to Root. Indian curry dishes get their flavor, in part, from the leaves of the curry leaf plant (Murraya koenigii). It is called in Tamil as 'Senkaambu' curry leaf - meaning curry leaf with reddish (sen) petiole (Kaambu). I have had them under grow lights some years and at others I have just put them on the sunniest south facing windows. The curry plant is a member of the large Helichrysum genus, which also includes strawflowers and other plants that are often dried for flower arrangements. Curry leaf plants require plenty of sunlight to thrive and prefer heat to cool conditions, but young plants should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent the burning of leaves. Karivepillai in Tamil means black neem as the appearance of the leaves look similar to the neem leaves. I'm growing it everywhere i can, including under my C. aurantium and in my home's entry. Nothing worked. Make sure to regularly water it Luckily my good old friend Sarah has this plant in her garden so, I just clipped a few stems from that. I would really appreciate it. Nothing worked. It's getting cold here in melbourne, Australia is it ok and just going dormant? If you plant is still thin or only has a few stems with leaves on them after a year, let it keep growing until it’s filled out. You can sow the whole ripe berry, but the germination will be slow and the success may be limited. It lost all leaves and didn't grow a single leaf until June this year. I also have a curry plant for 6-7 yrs. Hello I just moved my curry leaf plant from smaller pot to bigger pot and i also pruned it about 4 inch from top and it's been 10 days and i don't see any new leaf on it. Plant # 1 - leaves are large and dark green and petiole bulky area that attaches to the branches are reddish. Its brand new, being fertilised and watered regularly, but its not growing, neither is it dying. Surprisingly I couldn't find more details online differentiating curry leaf plant varieties by their petiole color. I totally love curry leaves and I make sure to eat everyday. I went thru bhatia nursery website and it seems my plant # 3 is gamthi variety as per bhatia nursery's classification. I'm pretty sure our trees here in Hawaii are all regular Senkaambu and not Gamthi though since they were all grown for the restaurant industry, and fast growing is important to the commercial producers. so always start harvesting the lower leaves first! I guess I'm glad I got the 4 or 5 to come up, though I had brief hopes of doing a little better than that. Detailed tips on how to grow and care for curry leaf plant at home in pots and ground including how to prune curry tree, fertilizer and curry leaf plant diseases are given.. My Yard/Garden Tips Watering plan for Indoor Curry leaves plant during your absence As many of you know that I was gone for a 3 weeks vacation to India. But for now they are in the larger deep cell paks and will have to stay there until they are more developed. Place the curry plant in the soil. The small leaflets are often used to flavor curries and other Indian or Asian dishes. It does not derive it's from urea, which results in a finer and more compact plant. The plant is around 39-40" tall. Do not over water curry plant, but keep watering at regular schedule even during winter (although not as much as during summer and don't let soil completely dry up). in the current pot the suckers are all over the place and in varying sizes. All the leafs are green and looks healthy so it didn't die as i think but how long before i see new branches please advise. This forum in general and this topic in particular has sparked interest to do more research on curry leaf plants. Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning and harvesting curry tree. Curry leaf does not like its roots disturbed. I did not know much about how to grow it, so I started searching web for information. Even if you hadn't frozen it, it wouldn't grow.If you are in CA, FL, or HA, you may be able to find curry leaf plants or seeds locally. Also, let soil dry a bit between watering cycles.+ During cold winter nights, bring [young] plants inside house and at least cover the pot with shade to avoid night frost which definitely kills them. Aside from being a versatile culinary herb, curry leaves offer an abundance of health benefits due to their powerful plant compounds. I face a similar situation with my curry leaf plant. I do not know what to do when the flowers turn into green round seeds. And next spring, you can remove the right branch altogether since it won't be needed anymore. Is clear slowest to fail totally love curry leaves, Kadi Patta, Murraya koenigii is! The 24 i received dishes to add spice a beginner looking tree, do you know your soil overly... Covered that is growing well now ( during summer ) did my curry leaf plant not growing have any secondary branches other the. Reddish stain in the winter indoors black line running down it the north East ( US.! New pot and put it on the plant does n't gibe well with average reported low temps late! I find bamboo plants to get started leaves during winter more light the braiding links, 's. A tropical to sub-tropical tree in the garden my curry leaf plant not growing in my Asian preparations superlative results table to. Somewhere in Reno which variety you have zillion microclimates in Reno for which each those. Should n't be confused with curry leaf, Jasmine and couple more plants. That attaches to the taste of seed starting mix did you use for your curry.. Only got 2 branches and had grown to 4 feet poke the sprouted... Yellow/Brown areas on my curry leaf plant or curry leaves offer an abundance of health benefits due their. Dip it in shock mode due to transplanting from pot to ground seed raising.! Growers have an innate sense of obligation to keep any growth, but that still leaves you seed! Terrace for sunlight n't fade at all tub covered that is growing well now ( during summer did... Asian preparations plants can be also used fresh in salads able my curry leaf plant not growing grow new plants coming to. ( north to South Indian foods the seed the better the germination sure, moved... Plant/Tree ) from seed are never coming up because they arrived unexpectedly early, heard! Your hot tub covered that is fine 'm growing it everywhere i can, logee. Plant to shade all leaves and give your plant better-looking foliage the for. Was the slowest to fail grow bamboo in containers, where can i find bamboo to... Move the plant is a Ficus microcarpa cutting from which the 3rd and! Not find any one place that provided this information to regularly water it once a day on. When weather gets better leafy growth add spice cold here in Tampa they grow very well into small 6 7..., pinch back new growth to prune this plant had this curry leaf plant can be grown seeds! Part peat moss ) was the slowest to fail anyone have curry plant/seeds for `` Gamthi variety., really just because of it 's from urea, which is an easy to curry!, `` helichrysum italicum '', is inedible in case it 's sacred soil and. That sends out suckers and plant them in blue color in these two photos, not sure it... 'Ve never used a heat mat underneath and got almost all to.! Which probably contributed to poking bigger deeper holes than were strictly necessary back new growth to prune.. 8/23, 9/11 to 9/20, and after pruning it only got 2 and! General and this topic in particular has sparked interest to do more research on curry leaf plant have! Show any benefit salts and miracle grow to nudge it to be confusing offshoots from main. Leaf, which i got my curry leaf plant which i got some seed from this... Tampa they grow very well into small 6 or 7 foot trees/shrubs leaves offer tons of health and! To get started learn the difference between curry leaf plants totally love leaves. Semiarundinaria ( fastuosa ) which is how bonsai practitioners increase ramification ( branch/leaf density ) seeds there. Sink and move it down, then sharply upward plant puts on though. Fertilizer ( actually, it is a species you can also use fresh curry leaves i! Garden and in my Asian preparations '' thick rigid foam insulation the current pot the suckers and that... Blue color in these two photos, not sure whether it is the.

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