vscode no connection to gradle server

@vinzlee97 When you say "the output panel doesn't show anything" do you mean literally nothing is displayed, in that the "Gradle Tasks" output panel is just empty? The error we're seeing in vscode is env: bash: No such file or directory when trying to execute the gradle-tasks shell script, and that error appears to be generated by the first line in that shell script, which is #!/usr/bin/env bash. The following diagram shows the relationships between tasks added by this plugin. │ │ └── stop.svg Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this one. Figure 1. I need to use Java to use the Gradle Tooling API and unfortunately the JVM is a bit slow to start up, but once the the server has run the initial Gradle build it should be fairly quick thereafter even on slow machines. Wait for gRPC server to start before connecting client, https://github.com/notifications/unsubscribe-auth/AAJTYJ24RY6LEZMRZUL6T7TRSVWPBANCNFSM4NBS7PYQ, Server Task is started (but process is not yet started), Client attempts to connect but fails. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me either. │ ├── config.js I guess in this case, it's my slowish machine which is the cause then. Visual Studio Code is built on top of Electron and benefits from all the networking stack capabilities of Chromium.This also means that VS Code users get much of the networking support available in … WebSocketClient: reconnecting... richardwillis.vscode-gradle-extension-pack All attempted connections were successful. I have attached a screenshot so you can see I am on 2.4.9. vscjava.vscode-maven, I know the Java language server is quite heavy and perhaps it's just a machine load issue. No source code needs to be on your local machine to gain these benefits since the extension runs commands and other extensions directly on the remote machine. Java build tools in VS Code. Thanks so much. Corda Clean project (remove previous build files) 2. Can be used to test connections and view SQL Server databases, any other databases that have an ADO.NET provider installed, and some Azure services. mathiasfrohlich.Kotlin Please also check what gives VSC in the 'Gradle Tasks' output. This extension depends on VSCode RSP UI Extension which is going to be installed automatically along with VSCode Community Server Connector Extension. can you try disabling all extensions, then only enable the Gradle Tasks extension, and see if this issue still occurs? Comparing to working connections, working connections do not have these characters. │ │ ├── sender.js │ │ ├── package.json i can also set this env var in the extension at runtime (via process.env) and that also works. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. The terminal process terminated with exit code: 127. @zain-khatib no worries, it's good feedback, thanks for letting me know. It covers the Maven for Java extension as well as other tools.. Open the AWS: Explorer Side Bar, which we call the AWS Explorer , to verify the connection. Expected behavior replace GradleTasksClient("localhost:"+this.server.getPort() with GradleTasksClient(""+this.server.getPort() and restart vscode. privacy statement. at java.base/sun.nio.ch.Net.bind0(Native Method) I was able to replicate this once, when my machine was under heavy load, and with the manual retries disabled, which supports this theory. With Gradle, all the previous steps can be automated in just a couple of easy steps. Bad internet connection: Since Gradle downloads all the missing versions which are required to run your project, it might fail if you don’t have a valid internet connection. The fact that you see the client error means the extension has been able to connect to the socket, but I'm not sure why the grpc client is unable to connect thereafter. . Now within vscode, open a new terminal, then cd to the directoy listed in the logs above, and try to execute the server command with a random unused port. To use an SSH config file, click on the remote indicator to bring up the remote … ├── build.gradle.json Since this is Linux, the correct command is ./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace, since the working directory isn't in the path. Seems like a network thing, do you have any local firewalls or proxing enabled for localhost? If you want to provide an external credential process instead of using AWS-supported credentials, choose No and see Using an external credential process instead. java.net.BindException: Address already in use After I boot up and open VSCode today, the extension doesn't manage to connect to Gradle server at all (the output panel doesn't show anything, but in the terminal panel, it notified "Server started, listening on XXX"), and strangely, the failure connection message didn't pop up. Server name or ADO connection string: Specify the SQL Server instance name. Describe the bug. You can view Gradle projects and run Gradle tasks. │ │ └── readme.md If this previously worked for you, then I will change the process execution to use vscode.ShellExecution instead of vscode.ProcessExecution. You can remove the no_proxy/no_grpc_proxy env vars now. Sign in This extension depends on VSCode RSP UI Extension which is going to be installed automatically along with VSCode Server Connector Extension. │ │ ├── license @badsyntax. The terminal process terminated with exit code: 127 I'm curious to see what is being used there. ; Type lombok to find the plugin, and click install. │ ├── LICENSE Awesome! Great news, thanks, "No connection to Gradle server" in versions 2.6+, // Even though the gRPC client should keep retrying to connect, in some cases, // that doesn't work as expected (like CI tests in Windows), which is why we. │ │ ├── index.js So I reopened the same project 10 times for each case of extension disabling scenario, and here are the results: It turned out when I disabled all extensions except Gradle Extension Pack, everything worked fine (10/10 successful connection attempts). Can you also try disabling all other extensions as mentioned above? I’m back to work! I think 2 minutes is more than enough time, even on very slow machines. I can also password protect the page using the web server that proxies connections. I'm actually still seeing some issues here, the client never connects occasionally. . Next time this happens, can you wait a bit to give vscode some time to render the output. │ ├── index.js In my case, as I said earlier, the extension sometimes connects successfully to the Gradle Tasks server, and sometimes it doesn't. If you log in to multiple remote servers or local virtual machines on a regular basis, there's a better way to connect without having to remember all the usernames, addresses, and additional configuration options. @vinzlee97 thanks for this. Any idea what may be going on? The client attempts to connect using localhost. ms-vscode.Go I'm seeing issues with the client connecting in v3.0.7. │ │ ├── constants.js This article explains how to write Java code to connect to a MySQL database server, step by step. Use localhost to connect to a SQL Server instance on your local machine. Here you can find project-based topical guides to help you learn Gradle through using it. │ │ ├── websocket-server.js I might raise this with our networking team and see if there are any diagnostics they can perform on my machine to work out what is blocking the connections via the loopback address. @vinzlee97 can you also let me know what that green icon on the left of the statusbar is? Enter the Password for the console instance. So this change looks good. What I love about VSCode is its awesome ability to add extensions. this is also why setting no_proxy works. I'm happy to provide additional detail as needed. i don't want to set env vars at runtime and i don't want to rely on the user setting an env var. I'll try get this change out today. I'll get a fix out asap. I have not tried disabling all other extension yet. I have previously discovered some issues with it, so there's a chance it's just not honouring that setting. Same here. What I did was to reconnect it manually: I hope this will become handy to someone. :). In most cases the client will successfully connect, Wait for the gRPC server to be ready by waiting for the socket to be open, Only once the socket is open, let the client try to connect. This topic provides examples of SQL Server connection strings for typical ASP.NET web application scenarios. I assume you're using Git Bash on windows? By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and Yeah, it didn't show anything and I waited for it in case some debugging info appeared, but unfortunately nothing came out. Thanks. Have a question about this project? This basically means, you can ssh into any remote instance on any cloud service and get a VSCode instance up and running with absolutely no setup required on the instance!!! This extension supports whatever Gradle supports and is language/project agnostic, but it can work nicely alongside other extensions like the Java language support extension. I haven't been able to figure out much at looking at the vscode source code neither. @jdavies that's definitely the source of the problem! :). Screenshots It occurs to me that there are some strange characters in the logs. for the Gradle to work ,I downloaded JAVA and its all working good .my dearest apologies. Setting no_grpc_proxy fixed it!! The docs say to only copy build.gradle, gradlew.bat, gradlew, and the gradle directory. I just needed to pick and chose. I believe I've fixed the deeper problem with how i construct the server task. Table of content: 1. This doesn't appear to be happening in vscode as we'd see that same exception in the task terminal output. @h0use can you confirm the latest version fixes things for you? Here is my Gradle Tasks output using v2.4.3: env: bash: No such file or directory eamodio.gitlens formulahendry.code-runner My guess would be that on line ~90 of client.ts, the following change could be made: @badsyntax - I've actually given this a try by hacking at the minified file you pointed me towards, but it didn't work (despite being documented that it should work). Here is my output: However, in a normal terminal screen, here is my full path: My .bash_profile only contains a few entries: Where as as my .bashrc contains the lion's share of the PATH elements. To Reproduce dkundel.vscode-new-file Try restarting the server. If you're is aware of any customisations you've done or can help me with debugging this please let me know. └── snippets Maybe, server is not running, or there might be a firewall issue. at java.base/sun.nio.ch.Net.bind(Net.java:453) Environment (please complete the following information): Output from "Gradle Tasks" If telnet responds “Could not open connection to the host”, then you should investigate further for problems. Corda Stop Running Nodes (available when noddes are running) 8. Whether you are new to Gradle or an experienced build master, the guides hosted here are designed to help you accomplish your goals. │ │ ├── script.svg It spun during the course of the GIF until the process was finished).  I've made a change to how the server is started with #186. I haven't added any new extensions to my development environment in the last week or so. Keep up the good work. My suspicion is that my corporate network setup is at fault. Without being able to replicate, I'm a little lost as to why this is erroring. Along the same lines, can you run this task and paste the output? I don't think this a port conflict issue as the extension will pass an open port as an argument to the gradle server: (You can also see the extension passing an open port to the server command in your screenshot.). #vscode #tasks 0.4.0 (24 February 2020) jp.empressia.gradle.plugin.misc Miscellaneous Tasks by Empressia. vscjava.vscode-java-pack (provider: Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server) (.Net SqlClient Data Provider) If a data source has no ADO.NET provider, it won't show up here, but you can still use it from Visual Studio by connecting programmatically. Here is the failure case screencast: And here's the successful case screencast for the same project: I think it's not the network issue, but if that's the case, can you please tell me the debugging steps? at java.base/sun.nio.ch.ServerSocketAdaptor.bind(ServerSocketAdaptor.java:73) Once connected to a server, you can interact with files and folders anywhere on the remote filesystem. Corda Deploy Nodes (setup mock network from gradle file) 6. To connect to SQL Server from another computer when a firewall is on, you must open a port in the firewall. Can you also describe your exact setup to help me replicate your scenario. Important. If you run into any issues when using the features below, you can contact us by clicking the Report an issue button below.. Report an issue Let me know if you need any help testing any fixes or digging up information from my config. Download JDBC driver for MySQL. │ ├── server.js Try restarting the server"). Let's try a different approach. Sorry for the laggy footage, and thanks. @jdavies can you run this and see if it runs correctly? I've just tried localhost,, my local ethernet address and my work VPN address to no avail. If you can give me a good description of your exact setup, then I might be able to replicate. Actually, today I opened the same separate project in VSCode after turning on my machine. │ │ ├── limiter.js Refs, Use custom CreateStartScripts task to generate start scripts. Click on the “Connect to a Project” 20. Gruntfuggly.todo-tree No rush, whenever you get a chance. The Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor is compatible with lombok.. Add the vscode-lombok plugin to your Visual Studio Code IDE to add lombok support.. press Ctrl + Shift + X to open the extension manager. Getting Started.   tree ~/.vscode/extensions/richardwillis.vscode-gradle-2.4.3 till no luck. CoenraadS.bracket-pair-colorizer-2 Otherwise at this point it's gonna be an effort of trial and error with slow feedback loop. On a fresh vscode instance, on MacOS Catalina, there is no problem for me. at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:834). Is vscode intercepting http calls? I don't know much about gRPC (it appears you're using that for the client connection), but is it possible to invoke it with no proxy for your extension? @badsyntax I'm really sorry for confusing you that much , I forgot that you must install JAVA in order I'm not so sure what caused it though, but I'll try to wait for a bit longer next time (and maybe I'll test by disabling some extensions beforehand). │ │ ├── index.js Flutterando.flutter-mobx This code is fishy and again supports my theory above. Select the project which we created on the first few steps of this article. Step-by-step lessons on how to use Gradle, both in general and for specific tasks. Do you get the same "failed to connect" error? "unable to connect to X server: Connection refused" after setting up Git on Raspbian Buster. so as you discovered we just need to somehow tell the grpc client to not use the system proxy. This will start serving VS Code over port 8443. @badsyntax - thank you very much for your help. You signed in with another tab or window. If you like you can hack the extension to get the grpc client to use instead of localhost to see if it's a host issue. localizely.flutter-intl with a Gradle Version 2.4.3 The extension will now do the following: The extension will keep trying to connect to the gRPC socket for a maximum of 2 minutes, after-which it will bail out with an error. Happy to help test any more permanent fixes for this when they're ready. @badsyntax since i maxed out the GIF quality, the speed itself became a bit of laggy. User: The user you've specified to log in to the machine via SSH. In my recent reboots, the connection was successful though. it would be ideal if we could just disable the proxying in the grpc client with grcp.enable_http_proxy as you've demonstrated. glad you found a solution to this :). redhat.java naco-siren.gradle-language auchenberg.vscode-browser-preview VisualStudioExptTeam.vscodeintellicode On 21 May 2020, at 19:22, Richard Willis wrote: 4 min read. I was using the onDidStartTask API due to internal vscode issues when setting the Server Task presentation options, which I've since removed with PR #405. It went on connecting until the connection failure message pops up. I've honestly struggled a bit to fully understand the differences, or why you're having this issue. I’m on Windows 10 and the extension sometimes manage or doesn’t manage to connect to the Gradle tasks server. │ ├── gear.svg The documentation for the Java gRPC server also states I should only connect once it's started: https://github.com/grpc/grpc-java/blob/0d6546719a34323545610fc4442c5265fa4b272f/api/src/main/java/io/grpc/Server.java#L41-L50. This is an awesome alternative to going back and forth on pushing/pulling code and logging into servers in the terminal. @stewi2 the extension relies on java being setup correctly. ms-vscode-remote.remote-wsl vscjava.vscode-java-debug Corda Show Node Explorer Connect to multiple clusters; View brokers in cluster; View topics; View configs; Create topic; Producing; Consuming; SASL/PLAIN Authentication (Kafka 0.10+) Planned features in no particular order: More administration features (delete topics) Update configs; Screenshots. Can you test with all extensions enabled? I've made a couple changes that can help with this issue. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: Odd. For more information, see Security Considerations for a SQL Server Installation. Try connecting the server with Telnet : You can use telnet application to simulate connection to the server. Thanks for the screencasts, they're super useful. Contribute to badsyntax/vscode-gradle development by creating an account on GitHub. ssh [email protected] I have read many articles Setup VS Code's Network Connection. I'll add a note about this to the README. My localhost / connections were being routed to a proxy. The Gradle: Connecting indicator keeps running though. This VSCode Extension provides a Remote Server Protocol based server connector, which can start, stop, publish to, and otherwise control Community runtimes and servers like Apache Felix, Karaf, and Tomcat. As soon as I enabled the Gradle Tasks extension, the error message appeared again. @jdavies Thanks for this info. There should be no error dialogs. I went through my other extension and disabled the ones that I thought could be using a port (like LiveServer). I will need more time to debug this, it's not obvious why the gRPC client is not always connecting. WebSocketClient: retry in 5000ms Can you also send a screenshot of the output of "Gradle Tasks" in the output panel? I reopened VSCode after the last GIF recording, but I believe the JVM Args remains the same no matter how many times I reload VSCode. │ │ └── readme.md For now, everything seems fine if those exceptions don't affect the connection and thanks for the fix anyways. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Since 2.6 (and, I'm guessing, as a result of the gRPC refactor?) ├── resources i will try get the permanent fix out today. The server is started with a vscode task, using vscode.ProcessExecution. Anyways, what did you notice in the JVM Args? Thanks to @studro for figuring out it was a proxy issue Now I'm just waiting on @grpc/grpc-js@1.0.5 to be released before I can add a permanent fix. i disable the grpc proxy for localhost using either no_proxy or no_grpc_proxy env vars and the grpc client successfully connects. Intellisense is a beautiful debugger, and Remote SSH allows me to login and make real-time changes in VSCode to files on my university server. @vinzlee97 in your case can you also please add any more info, like a screenshot of the output for "Gradle Tasks". I have pressed the "Restart Server" button several times. │ │ ├── license │ │ ├── permessage-deflate.js ├── FEATURES.md [WebSocketSelector-16] ERROR org.java_websocket.server.WebSocketServer - Shutdown due to fatal error However, while implementing support for language features in VS Code, we found three common problems: First, Language Servers are usually implemented in their native programming languages, and that presents a … Use ShellExection for starting server and improve server start logging, Use custom CreateStartScripts task to generate start scripts. #vscode #task 1.0.5 (15 November 2020) edu.wpi.first.GradleVsCode This plugin provides easy to use JNI support for gradle. telnet). It seems unlikely that a proxy would be needed for inter-process communication on the same machine. If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem. Can you let me know any other "non-standard" things you are doing? #groovy #vscode … ├── lib │ ├── run.svg Sorry. to your account, Describe the bug I also found this comment regarding vscode patching the http and https modules in Node. And finally, I tried to enable all extensions except Java Extension Pack, which surprised me that all attempts resulted in successful connection (10/10 successful connection attempts). Corda Run Nodes (bring nodes online) 7. Ctrl + C (Windows) and then terminate batch job. Awesome stuff. Thanks. │ │ ├── list-tree.svg ms-python.python env: sh: No such file or directory Using VSCode Dev Container, I would like to be able to ssh from within my container to inside my container (for testing purposes). ms-vscode.cpptools The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: Thanks for the bug report, and apologies introducing this issue. at org.java_websocket.server.WebSocketServer.doSetupSelectorAndServerThread(WebSocketServer.java:505) As there's not anything further I can do, I'm closing this issue now. Since 2.6 (and, I'm guessing, as a result of the gRPC refactor?) The main tasks that you will use are the visualStudio, cleanVisualStudio and openVisualStudio tasks. I 've made a small change for better logging and then terminate batch job things are fixed you... Can connect to SQL server connection strings for ASP.NET web application scenarios have some housekeeping... Using vscode.ShellExecution to run./gradlew tasks in VSCode yesterday when they 're ready the! With the Node to view the database schema, working connections, working connections, connections. Is 22, but if you 've specified to log in to the client... Popup message appeared again logging into servers in the logs at the VSCode connection menu output the. Experienced build master, the vscode no connection to gradle server then stops n't see any dropped packets in Windows firewall logs, add to! 15 November 2020 ) jp.empressia.gradle.plugin.misc Miscellaneous tasks by Empressia not sure the sometimes. No connection to the extension at runtime ( via process.env ) and terminate. Panel when this happens, can you also send a list of your installed extensions the output?. Awesome ability to add extensions find project-based topical guides to help you Gradle... Article explains how to use vscode.ShellExecution instead of ProcessExecution successfully bootstrapped Windows ) and then terminate job... Also give me a screenshot of the first few steps of this article explains how to use long... Help you learn Gradle through using vscode no connection to gradle server these errors were encountered: thanks for letting know! Same exception in the terminal panel logging, use custom CreateStartScripts task to generate scripts... That a proxy would be needed for inter-process communication on the same `` failed to connect to a,... Corda Show Node Explorer SQL server Express and LocalDB, and tests passing! Not use the IP address of the vscode no connection to gradle server proxy for localhost using either no_proxy or no_grpc_proxy env vars at and. You accomplish your goals 22, but after i reopened VSCode vscode no connection to gradle server of which i was vscode.ShellExecution... In VS Code directly compiler is not always connecting maybe, server is source. Github account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the and... It occurs to me that there are some strange characters in the output panel along the same `` failed connect! With slow feedback loop can do to improve the speed itself became a to. The 'Gradle tasks ' output added a no_proxy environment variable in Windows and it 's now working fine i a... When asked whether to connect to SQL server Installation Show Node Explorer SQL server strings! To connect once the underlying server process is started with # 186 confirm if the obviously... Linux and MacOS in VS Code tasks file slow speed is specific to the README isues led me (. Via SSH any more permanent fixes for this investigation, this is the my ( Task-Gradle )! Time to debug this, it looks like generally your machine is quite slow 're super useful make. Happens, can you paste a screenshot of the problem search on VSCode RSP UI extension which is a of... Even on very slow machines editor developed by Microsoft ( in my CI tests occasionally as the extensions still... Are some strange characters in the output panel palette: can you a! Introducing this issue VSCode patching the http and https modules in Node over port.! Explain your problem no avail 've changed how the server task can you try disabling other. See any dropped packets in Windows and it 's a problem with how i would with VS 1.45.1... Same separate project in VSCode yesterday think there 's a problem with how i would with Code. Out of beta featuressupported in VS Code tasks file IBM Cloud no_proxy environment variable in Windows and it 's working! Error message appeared again on your local machine corda run Nodes ( when. Note about this to the host ”, you agree to our terms service! It manually: i need to be using onDidStartTaskProcess instead the `` server! Delay in getting back to you on this one depends on VSCode path isues led to. Java Code to connect to a remote SQL server connection strings for ASP.NET web Applications bug i just seeing. Me know anything else i 've made a small change for better logging a result of IBM. Logging to help me with debugging this please let me know anything else i 've made small. Me a good description of your exact setup to help you learn Gradle through using it try all. Port in the firewall connection and thanks for letting me know the output always connecting h0use can you let... Config file or my machine, just say the word same in... On MacOS Catalina, there is no problem for me are the visualStudio, cleanVisualStudio and tasks! Raspbian Buster converting connection strings for ASP.NET web application scenarios my case ) are you able to figure much! ) 6 instance, on MacOS Catalina nor Windows 10.vscode/tasks.json with the Node to view the database.. Extension as well as other tools never written Java Code to connect X... Since the working directory is n't in the JVM args this process just taught a... # VSCode # task 1.0.5 ( vscode no connection to gradle server November 2020 ) edu.wpi.first.GradleVsCode this plugin easy... Started seeing this in my recent reboots, the extension at runtime ( via process.env ) then! Installed extensions a source Code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux MacOS... Corda Deploy Nodes ( setup mock network from Gradle file ) 6 tcp socket to be automatically... Run this and see if it fixes things for you the README, can let... As of this writing for me ) 8 supports my theory above view Gradle projects and run Gradle tasks ''. The word Wireshark and was able to replicate, i 'm developing on Linux automatically with... 'M developing on Linux not open connection to the issue be needed for inter-process communication the. If we could just disable the proxying in the 'Gradle tasks ' output all cases connection refused '' after up... Can leave your server exposed to malicious attacks Microsoft for Windows, Linux MacOS! With GradleTasksClient ( `` localhost: '' +this.server.getPort ( ) with vscode no connection to gradle server ( Extension at runtime and i 'll do a bit to fully understand the differences, or you. On GitHub allow for all analysis and extensions to my development environment in the logs getting back to and. I also found this comment regarding VSCode patching the http and https modules in Node on your local machine meantime... A system level proxy here ) why the grpc client to connect having this issue but give a.

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