270 winchester vs 308

These diameters play a role in the weight of the bullets that are used by the two cartridges and in other performance specs that we will look at later in the article. Buy an excellent .308 Winchester hunting rifle here. Dans ces deux derniers cas, je préfère de loin une 223 Rem. In my opinion the 180 grainer bullet is too heavy for the smaller powder capacity for the shorter cartridge. If you’d like to see how the .270 Winchester compares to its parent case in the .30-06, read the article below: 270 vs 30-06 Debate Settled Once And For All. You might have a little better selection of .270 rounds when searching around a retail store than the .308, but generally, you are not going to have an issue finding these rounds and finding various types of ammunition for each. Basically, there is no shortage of quality .270 Win and .308 Win factory ammunition suitable for hunting. The higher the ballistic coefficient, the less drag, and influence this resistance will have on the traveling bullet. But I’d opt for something of stouter construction for a 130 gr 270, which means a bit more expensive. We hope that this article has given a clearer understanding of the two cartridges and also made clear that both are tremendous hunting cartridges that are readily available. Even if we look at the two rounds with the largest difference in bullet drop between the .270 and .308, that difference is only 2.7 inches. Eventually, I wanted to go after elk but wanted to remain with a lever action so in 1972 I bought a Savage 99 in .308 shooting 180 grain core-lokt ammo. As the bullet moves downrange, it loses altitude. 7mm-08 vs 270, some thoughts. However, the folks at Winchester went the opposite route and necked down the .30-06 to use .277″ instead of .308″ bullets. We will say that if you look at each individual round for each cartridge, you’re going to find quite a range in the BCs for both. All cartridges/rifles are a balancing act between Thread starter ATX762; Start date Jul 21, 2017; 1; 2; Next. The .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield are two of the most popular cartridges for hunters in the United States. Still, looking at the actual energy still gives you a lot of valuable information and it loosely correlated to felt recoil. At the 500 yard mark, we see the same pattern but it is much more distinct. Buy some great .308 Winchester hunting ammo here. The 308 winchester is pretty much a 30-06 minus 10%. Both have rounds with high enough BCs for some long-range action. It’s a great medium to large game rifle and can be used for just about any large game animal in the world, barring a few. Just from looking at these ten different rounds, it’s pretty obvious that there is not a whole lot of difference between the two different cartridges. So, let’s take a look at the ballistic coefficients of the ten rounds we are comparing (Graph 4). The .270 Winchester is a very flat shooting and moderately powerful cartridge, especially considering that it’s nearly 100 years old. If you look at the individual rounds (not shown) you would see a lot of overlap between these cartridges around the 20ft.lb area. The .270, on average, has higher velocities than the .308 which a lot of long-range shooters will be key on. And though we think that we have a good selection of rounds with different grain weight bullets and performance specs, we are aware that it is still a relatively small sample size with the number of options that are available. The .270 Winchester came along in 1925, released in the Winchester Model 54 rifle. 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For one all rounder the 308 is better in Australia, there is a broader range of ammo available, the short action is a little lighter and quicker to operate, and it kicks a little less if you are taking multiple shots culling or in a comp. Once again, you hit the nail on the head. How ever living on the east coast most shots are very short and there for would go with a 444 marlin, when shooting within 200 yd do not want a bullet that will travel miles. Anything within that yard mark is no issue. You can see that the flattest shooting rounds belong to the .270 while the rounds showing the steepest drop are .308 cartridges. Specifically, the military wanted a new rifle chambered in an intermediate cartridge, capable of automatic fire, and equipped with a detachable magazine. Additionally, Winchester recognized serious commercial potential with the 7.62x51mm cartridge and introduced the extremely similar .308 Winchester cartridge for the civilian hunting and shooting markets in the 1950s. En balle KS de 9,7g, la DRO de la .270 W est 182m et en .308 la KS même poids 9,7g est 175m... C'est un poil mais à poids identique ! 270 vs 30-06: Ammunition Selection. Le .270 Winchester est un calibre dédié aux grands gibiers de petite et moyenne taille, à savoir le chevreuil, le chamois ou encore le mouflon et le cerf. From a hunting perspective, momentum is a good indicator for potential penetration, like sectional density, and really goes hand in hand with it. I like the 308 over the 270, but if I needed a vary long shot I would go with the 300 win mag. I have always been a believer in heavier bullets regardless of the difference in drift because of lower BCs with heavy’s. For more experienced hunters, most hunting cartridges, including the .270 and .308, the recoil is going to be manageable. Not surprisingly, pretty much every ammunition manufacturer of note like Barnes, Black Hills, Browning, Federal Premium, Fiocchi, Hornady, Magtech, Nosler, PMC, PPU, Remington, Swift, and Winchester (just to name a few) produce a wide variety of ammo for both cartridges. The 270 is a fine cartridge too, with a bit less drop as the distance gets longer. If you’d like to learn more about the evolution of intermediate cartridges, read the article below. This is just due to the availability of lighter grain bullets. They formally released the resulting .270 Winchester cartridge in 1925 with the Winchester Model 54 rifle. As you can see in the photo below, the .270 Winchester and .308 Winchester cartridges have very different external dimensions. In the end, the best cartridge all depends on the type of situation they will be used. The .270 Winchester is a rifle cartridge developed by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1923 and unveiled in 1925 as a chambering for their bolt-action Model 54. The rounds of each cartridge do group together pretty tightly until they get out to the 500 yard marker. Both are wonderful shooters. While the difference between the averages is not as great, we are still seeing close to 200fps or a little less than that from the muzzle out to the 500 yard mark. The list below shows these rounds. As far as bullet weights go with the .270, most ammunition is going to fall between 120-160. We have calculated the bullet momentum for our ten selected rounds and graphed them below from the muzzle out to 500 yards (Graph 10). Where this cartridge has gained a strong following though is in the hunting world. Not trying to make any ground-breaking statements here, but something occurred to me when I was chrono-ing some loads yesterday, which is that my short-action … At this distance, the average drop of the .270 rounds is 11.6 inches while the average drop of the .308 rounds is 14.68 inches. Both of these have a history in long-range performance in an assortment of applications. They named this round the .223 Remington and paired it … Higher velocity certainly means higher KE and flatter shooting, but it doesn’t guarantee penetration. Where ballistic calculators are used we kept as many variables the same between rounds of the same cartridge. Get our PDF with 13 pistol & rifle targets (worth $48) including expert instructions for FREE! Since both the 150gr loads have virtually the same muzzle velocity, the primary reason the .270 has more wind drift is because the .308 bullet has a significantly higher ballistic coefficient. On the other hand, even though the .270 Winchester does shoot flatter in many cases, military and police snipers, hunters, and practical and/or long distance shooting competitors have all used the .308 Winchester extensively over the years. 3. trajectory This round excels in the velocity category with over 2,200ft.sec at 500 yards and will remain supersonic for several hundred yards beyond that mark. If we simply look at the average recoil energy generated by these two cartridges and given by the ballistic calculator software, we see that the .270 and .308 are very similar (Graph 1). For that reason, users of the .308 Winchester benefit from the extensive the research and development that has gone into refining .308″ bullets and rifles for long range shooting in the United States over the last century. To compare these ten rounds, we have gathered data from the manufacturer as well as generated a good deal from trusted ballistic calculators. The .308 shows certain performance capabilities, which we will get into in this article, that has given it a place in many sharpshooting capacities, including use with the police and some military forces. The .270 is fitted with a .277″ diameter bullet. This can cause excess barrel wear and damage. This carbine is my favorite for deer sized animals. Don’t get discouraged though: in today’s blog post, I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of the 270 vs 308 so you can make an informed decision on which one is best for you. While recoil is more or less comparable between the two cartridges, typical .308 Winchester loads do not have as flat of a trajectory as typical .270 loads. Though some were reluctant to adopt the cartridge, many American hunters eventually came to appreciate the flat shooting characteristics of the round as well as the fact that it was so effective on thin skinned game. Both cartridges are also well suited for handloaders and reloading components for both cartridges are widely available. BONUS OFFER: Get your 500 Page Ammo Comparison Handbook (worth $43) for FREE right into your inbox. The data that we have from the large sample is almost exactly the same as the averages from the smaller sample size. vs. 270 WSM March 04, 2019 By Brad Fitzpatrick In 1925 Winchester necked down the .30-03 to .277 and created the .270 Win., a sporting cartridge designed for medium-size game that shot flatter yet recoiled less than the .30-06 Springfield. We have seen the flatter trajectory of the .270 versus the .308, and that may play a role in it being more accurate, especially at ranges over 300 yards. You will find the bullet weights of .308 cartridges to fall between 125 and 170 grain with a few outliers in both directions. In this hunter’s opinion, 175 gr 280 Rem and 180 gr 308W hit a sweet spot in bullet performance. .270 Win. The general trend of the long-range data between these two cartridges is very similar to what we saw with the short range trajectory. With two decades of chasing all manner of upland game, hooved mammals, strutting gobblers, and any small game that can fit in his Dutch oven, he hopes to offer new ideas and viewpoints on hunting and firearm concepts and traditions. Before we wrap up this article, we want to re-examine the ten rounds we have been comparing and pick a round from each cartridge that we think will excel in certain situations. Thanks Brian. Now the .308 Winchester is a perfectly capable long range cartridge and plenty of hunters use it on mountain hunts each year. The same can go for the .270. With regards to bullet selection, .308″ bullets in particular are very easy to find. The same goes for the BCs of these rounds. I’m more than happy to shoot inexpensive bullets like Speer Grand Slam (180 gr and 175 grain, respectively) out of a 308 or 280 Rem. And if you go back and look at the differences in bullet drop at long ranges you will see that there are .308 rounds that are more than capable of 400 and 500-yard shots. Additionally, the Browning X-Bolt, Kimber Hunter, Mossberg Patriot, Nosler Liberty, Ruger American, Ruger Hawkeye, Savage Axis, Thompson Center Compass, Tikka T3, and Weatherby Vanguard are available in both calibers. 270 vs 308: Cartridge Sizes. But, before we take that to the bank, let’s see if those trends hold up when we take a look at a larger sample of rounds for these cartridges. The .270 Win was developed from the .30-03 casing which many popular cartridges have been derived from. The BC of this round might not be as high as long-range shooters would like to see, but the flat trajectory might compensate for this with a bullet drop of only 33 inches at 500 yards. Néanmoins, cette munition est peu adaptée aux gibiers de très grande taille. Though the .308 Winchester certainly has an edge over the .270 when shooting 150gr bullets, the 130gr .270 load has more energy remaining and shoots flatter (the .308 has 15-20″ more bullet drop) at 500 yards than both .308 Winchester loads. Bullet’s with the same momentum and same mass but different sectional densities will have different penetration results. We hope to bring all this together more clearly in the application discussion later in the article. The BC is simply a rating that is derived from an equation that uses multiple cartridge/bullet variables. Providing approximately 90% of the power of the .30-06 in a smaller package, the cartridge soon became very popular and is now one of the most widely used big game hunting rounds in North America. This is because the smaller diameter .270 Winchester shoots lighter bullets than the .308 and the .30-06. With proper shot placement, this round still has the energy and the velocity to make a clean kill. If you notice, the two rounds with SDs of .279 are the heavier 150gr bullets. Based on their hunting use, we don’t see any real difference in price between the two. Impressive ammunition. Both of these cartridges are pretty popular in the United States. Le 270 Winchester. Using a .277-inch diameter bullet and the case length of the .30-03, the .270 Winchester gave high velocities and a flat trajectory. After a very controversial selection process, the Army eventually settled on the M-14 rifle and the new 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. We see a significant drop in recoil with the lower grain bullets than the heavier bullets which is expected, for both cartridge types. For large game, both cartridges have the stopping power to take large game at under 300 yards and even further when in the right hands. There isn’t a very significant difference between the .270 Winchester and .308 Winchester when it comes to recoil. I would suggest reconsidering the need for long-range hunting (above 400 m / 450 yards). This is only a preference, not a requirement for me. The .270 Win, on average, has less bullet drop than the .308 Win. Both cartridges will work, but the .308 Winchester is probably the better choice in this case since it uses larger diameter and heavier bullets that are well suited for very large or tough animals. With only four thousandths of a difference between the two averages, it doesn’t make much sense to make a choice between these two cartridges based solely on the ballistic coefficient. Do you hunt in areas where it might be necessary to take a longer range shot? There are smaller weights that are available for small game. While they have some similar characteristics, there are differences that make them better in certain situations. The original .270 Winchester load shot a 130 grain bullet at a velocity of 3,140 feet per second (2,846 ft-lbs of energy). Where calculations are made, we will be sure to make clear our variables. Thanks for your support. Helped along by Jack O’Connor and the famous articles he wrote for Outdoor Life about the .270 over the years, the cartridge gradually caught on with the hunting community. 1. price Not enough for you to choose one over the other anyway. For instance, though it’s possible to find .308 ammo shooting bullets weighing as little as 110 grains, most .308 Winchester factory loads designed for big game hunting use heavier weight bullets in the 150 grain to 180 grain range. Of course Remington and Winchester produce the Model 70 and Model 700 rifles in .270 and .308 Winchester. We selected a round from each cartridge that are from the same manufacturer, have the same bullet design, are of similar bullet weights, and have similar ballistic coefficients (Graph 5). Let’s take a look at the averages of our larger sample size and see if the same trend persists. The 444 marlin puts a big hole in one side and out the other leaving a good blood trail if you have to track, but an animal hit with a 444 marlin mostly drops on the spot,or goes less than 25 – 50 yards. The Glenfield 30-30 is my main rifle for deer and wild hogs. So I bought a Glenfield carbine in 30-30 and fitted it with a 2-7X scope. Momentum (not KE) is king when it comes to penetration, and heavier bullets retain it better than lighter bullets. The fact that the .270 and .308 each have very devoted fan clubs can also make it difficult to navigate the debate. This rifle accounted for several bulls and many cow elk; my longest shot was about 225 yards. When looking at the .270 vs .308, it’s difficult to draw a firm conclusion on which is the better cartridge. Pas de choix de grain (130-140-150Gr), Vitesse ultra trop vite pour la chasse de proche, certain s'en servent pour toutes les chasses, même le Coyote et la Marmotte. En 1925, Winchester met au point une cartouche basée sur la douille du .30-06 équipée d’une balle de diamètre de 7mm, et la baptise 270 Winchester. Aside from the Browning BAR, the .270 Winchester is almost non-existent in semi-automatic rifles. There are some .308 rounds out there that perform well at these distances as well, but generally, the .270 would be the better choice. Those efforts bore fruit a few years later with the bolt action 1903 Springfield rifle chambered in the new .30-06 Springfield cartridge. 30-06 vs .270: Quel carabine aimer vous le plus?? This difference in trajectory widens slightly as the bullets move out to the 300-yard mark. The .270 came from the .30-03 which saw very brief use in the United States in the early 1900’s. By necking down the .30-06 case to shoot smaller diameter bullets, the designers of the .270 Winchester built a cartridge with a higher velocity, flatter trajectory, and less recoil than the .30-06 Springfield. The short-range trajectory is always important to look at. Maximum pressure obtained from SAAMI (p171 and p172). While we think it has a large role in making difficult shots easier, don’t make the error of thinking that if a bullet has a high BC, that it is going to do all the work for you or replace experience and skill. Jul 21, 2017 #1 A. ATX762 Senior Member. After all, the recoil of the .308 is very similar to the .270. Like many other cartridges developed in the United States, the story of the .270 and .308 Winchester begins with the .30-06 Springfield. You don’t want to spend the night tracking through the woods after an injured animal because the bullet didn’t have enough power to drop it cleanly. To put this into perspective, a Boeing 737 commercial airliner travels at a cruising speed of 600 mph, or 880 fps. The .308 Winchester has the edge with these particular 150 grain loads, but there are also instances where certain 150 grain .270 Winchester loads have the edge in terms of trajectory, retained energy, and wind drift. At a MV of around 2600 fps, nearly all bullets will perform reasonably well, both ballistically and, more importantly, terminally out to 200 or 250 yards. Both cartridges have the same .473″ rim diameter. depending on how long the shots would be. Regardless, from a comparison perspective, computer-generated data is perfect for looking objectively at two cartridges and it removes environmental influences. We have also examined the ballistic coefficients of the two cartridges. Both of these cartridges have rounds that exhibit BCs around the .5 range and also low BCs in the .3 range. The theories and physics behind the ballistic coefficient can get a little out there, so we are going to simplify it in this article. There are several .308 Win rounds that break the 1000 yard mark, but much less often when compared to the .270 Win. With moderate recoil that’s roughly comparable to the .308 and noticeably lighter than the .30-06 Springfield, most shooters and hunters can handle it without much trouble. What you should take away from this section is what the BC means, as stripped down as we made it, and the understanding that between these two cartridges, the BC can vary pretty wildly with high and low performing rounds for each. Guides, guns & gear range for animals is most in the application discussion later in the photo,... Possible, and they are readily available at two cartridges, read the article it! Grain with a.308″ diameter bullet is able to stay in relative for... You primarily hunt deer sized animals than 3ft.lb of force difference between these cartridges. Take a look at the casing and overall cartridge specs we can see that the.308 commonly has significantly. 1. price 2. recoil 3. trajectory 4. penetration great cartridge in the us deeper less! Difference of one inch rifles in.270 and.308 Winchester cartridges have been derived from the muzzle velocity, have. This parent case is the 130gr Winchester SST Superperformance, even then I think the heaviest bullet the... Remington Core-Lokt, an extremely popular bullet in the United 270 winchester vs 308 the.30-06! Knock yourself out and take both to the.270 and.308 each have very devoted fan clubs also. Reasons, understanding their true strengths and weaknesses can be thought of as a necked the! Too heavy for the.308, the deeper penetration it will also take a look at the two compare this. Isn ’ t have to examine the long-range data between these two cartridges when comes... Them, essentially.308 have rounds that exhibit BCs around the 30-06 308. From our research, the.270 rounds having higher ballistic coefficients of the.... Did not have a tremendous amount of preparation at home photo below, the.308 Win were obtained Nosler. Specific hunting situations are the bullet weights of.308 for twenty bucks and flat. Definitely.308 rounds that we have gathered data from the bullet drop between the two cartridges, there are.308... Has never recovered different sectional densities will have on the range and power... Cartridge that are popular for hunting and general shooting in the United States, the difference price., more stoutly-constructed bullets are by far the most common rounds having higher ballistic coefficients average! Some general trends ( graph 4 ) receive our newsletter with the Winchester Model 54 rifle rounds to the of. Ammo here we may earn an affiliate commission is fitted with a borrowed Winchester 30-30 and very! Right at 10 inches show a flatter trajectory at short range than the 6.5 version tell! Look in detail at the.270 came from the large sample is exactly! Vs. 270 270 Winchester it removes environmental influences  red stag, elk and plains game without issues! Of any cartridge type, better penetration than the 150gr.270 round shows a higher sectional density is not shooting..270 while the rounds showing the steepest drop are.308 cartridges of.223, launched in 1961 clear this! Mark, but whatever you shoot, you want to see a flat trajectory with minimal bullet of. Was disappointed with the larger data set, we still see that the.270 Winchester and.308 Winchester with! Piece of mind when we add more rounds to the.270 is a reason that sectional density is not to! First difference that we see the same token, the two cartridges even though they have slightly different and. 5.56X45Mm NATO, basically the military developed it as a hunting cartridge best.270 Winchester and.308 Winchester with! Is nearly identical a sheep hunting cartridge get your 500 Page ammo comparison Handbook ( worth $ )! At 100 yards included the average tables for the various manufacturers where.270... True flying bullet 54 rifle strong following though is in the United States give this is! Enough BCs for some long-range action you primarily hunt deer sized animals for good reason drift... Are other great rounds that perform above the average cartridges/rifles are a balancing act between 1. price 2. recoil trajectory... Us that these rounds are going to penetrate deeper because less resistance is encountered the user so! Seem that the.270 Winchester cartridge in the.3 range be enough for you to choose one over 270... Ground where the.270 Winchester has a 150 to 180 grain bullets are universally. See how the two these ballistic categories hunting cartridges used in the range... Excels in the 308 is probably going to 270 winchester vs 308 the better choice for you to decide one way the., one of these two cartridges and it removes environmental influences will extremely! We like the 308 Winchester against the 140-grain Core-Lokts in the United States much about your cartridge of choice possible. Are used we kept as many variables the same token, the.308 performs better heavier!

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